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LiveAlpha FAQ

I installed the demo but I cannot open the LiveAlpha program. What do I do?

LiveAlpha is not a stand alone program. It can only be loaded by another application such as Windows Media Encoder 9 or DirectShow Graphedit.

How do I start using LiveAlpha with Windows Media Encoder 9?

1. Open Windows Media Encoder 9
2. Go to the Plug-ins tab of the Properties dialog.
3. With Video selected press Register
4. Select ConVID Live Alpha in the plug-in dialog and press Ok
5. Add an instance of LiveAlpha to the encoding session.

Why don't I see my title on the video?

Ensure you have taken the following steps to apply a title to a video:

LiveAlpha is loaded in the Windows Media Encoder session.
A graphic has been loaded in the LiveAlpha property page and “Fade In” has been pressed.
Encoding has been started.
You view the results in the “Output” video preview window.

Can I put two titles on a video?

Yes, insert two instances of LiveAlpha and configure each with a different title.

Does LiveAlpha work in Windows Media Encoder x64?

LiveAlpha is 32-bit only. It only work with the 32-bit Windows Media Encoder but you can use the 32-bit Windows Media Encoder on Windows x64.

How do I watermark videos in batches?

You can build LiveAlpha into a custom encoding application based on the Windows Media SDK.
Use the batch tool that is included with LiveAlpha. About Batch Tool

How do I load LiveAlpha using the Windows Media SDK?

Here are the basic steps in VB.NET syntax:

' Create a WMEncoder object.
Dim Encoder As WMEncoder
Set Encoder = New WMEncoder

' Configure the profile and video source.

' Retrieve the transform collection from the video source.
Dim SrcTrnsColl As IWMEncTransformCollection
Set SrcTrnsColl = SrcVid.TransformCollection

' Add a transform plug-in to the collection.
Dim Trans As IWMEncTransform
Set Trans = SrcTrnsColl.Add

' Apply a Transform Filter to the source.
Trans.SetInput "TransformPluginWrapper://ConVID Live Alpha"

'OR if you are using the DEMO the last line would be:
Trans.SetInput "TransformPluginWrapper://ConVID Live Alpha Demo"

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