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LiveAlpha Features

Unmatched Performance

LiveAlpha was carefully optimized to operate with the lowest possible overhead and not interfere with live encoding and process more archival video per second.

Alpha Blend

The alpha channel of 32-bit title files can be used to control the transparency of individual pixels. Useful for translucent titles and titles with gradient edges.

Alpha Blend

Color Mask

One color of a title can be made transparent. For titles with a single background color, that color can be masked out leaving the non-rectangular foreground.

Color Mask Off Color Mask On

Session Files

Fast access to titles is a critical element for live broadcasts. Live Alpha enables multiple title files to be loaded into the current titling session for fast switching. File lists and configuration option can be saved in Live Alpha session files to help organize your titles.

HD Scalable

Ready for the future of streaming media with support of high definition resolutions up to 1080p.

Opacity Control

Change opacity of title. Useful for translucent titles. For 32-bit titles the alpha channel values can be scaled.


Fade In/Out

Control duration of fade in/out with tenth of second precision.

Efficient Position Control

Position titles by draging or manually setting horizontal and vertical position.

Input Formats

Accepted file formats:

.tga Targa Format
.bmp Bitmap
.emf Enhanced Metafile Format
.exif Exchangeable Image File Format
.gif Graphics Interchange Format
.jpg JPEG format
.png Portable Network Graphics
.tiff Tagged Image File Format
.wmf Windows Metafile Format
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