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PhotoAlpha Features

Batch Watermark with Alpha Blending

Place a graphic or text watermark on all your images. All watermarks can be positioned freely and made translucent. Imported watermarks with an alpha channel are per-pixel blended with the background image.
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Batch Resize

Shrink your photos to make them easier to share or make thumbnails.

Batch Rotate

Fix photos taken with the wrong orientation.

Batch Rename

Rename a set of photos with a template and sequential number. Example: "MyTrip001.jpg" , "MyTrip002.jpg" , etc.

Batch Resolution

Change the resolution (pixels/inch) of your photos for when printing demands a specific resolution.

Batch Convert

Change the file format of your photos. Output formats include .bmp , .gif , .png , .jpg , .tif


Click on any image in your batch and see a preview with the watermarks applied. Watermarks can also be dragged and updated in real time.

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